WE DID IT: The renovation has actually beat the new house standards in efficiency: see  'column - week 20' in the menu above, for details!


 Who do we say "Thanks" to? 

    No project is ever properly started without those in the background supporting the idea, the "All-Tech Green Church Restoration" is no exception.  A SPECIAL THANKS to the staff at the Kingston Whig Standard and my contact Kim Popovich. They allow me the freedom to bring the "greening of homes" to print every week. As well, to the professional trades that support this renovation. They are listed on the "supporting trades" page. Finally, to my life partner, Donna, for agreeing to join forces to make this dream come true.

    We originally set a budget, but made several changes along the way and ended with a figure close to $140,000. You can follow the planning and progress in the columns listed on the menu above. Special thanks to all of those who contributed.


Feel Free to Contact us!

While the project is now complete, we still welcome your thoughts and comments. Please go to the "contact us" page to be in touch.    


We Must Change Our Home Values!

    For over 12 years I have written a column called "Ask the Inspector" in the Kingston Whig Standard and, more recently - for the past 4 years -  "Green Tech-the series," for Sun Media, on sustainable energy values in our homes. Weekly, I answer questions from readers on how to improve their homes. While the emphasis on new homes has driven the "Green" market, ever so slowly, we are coming to realize that we must also look at existing homes in this same light. Green renovation, however, is a far greater challenge and one often ignored, usually due to the lack of knowledgeable trades and/or the fear of unknown costs. In that regard, EnerStar Ratings System, which currently has a new home certification program, is now working on a standard for existing homes.

    When the opportunity came up to "walk the walk," as well as "talk the talk," it was too great an opportunity to pass up....hence, the All-Tech Green Church Restoration project.

Where are we going?

     One of the first things we did was an energy audit and in column #3 you will note that, currently, the church has an energy rating of 18. We sat down with Marty Verk, our energy auditor, and, taking the planned sustainable improvements, we modeled the church and came to the conclusion that we can attain a rating of 80-83 on the EnerGuide Scale. This is the equivalent of a new EnergyStar Home!

   Marty stated that, if we reach that level..."it would bring this renovation to a level that less than 1% of all the EnerGuide Renovation Audits have ever attained.....right across Canada.........A tall order, but one that is attainable provided we follow the project design as I have laid out.


Update late in 2013. Having finished the project, Marty's follow up comment: “When I first saw the church, I realized that this is one reason beautiful buildings like this continue to be sold because the community can no longer pay for the energy costs to keep it warm. I initially tested this building according to the EnerGuide rating system. This is the same software used to evaluate Energy Star New Homes and R-2000 Homes. While a modern home built to “CODE” today is required to rate an 80 on this scale, the church at Concession 3 and Dalhousie came in at 18 and had the equivalent of a hole of 3.8 square FEET.” (in the exterior walls) 


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